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MyMicro Group


wholesale of electronic equipment and components

Deal Rationale


Added Value

strategy, funding, team, operational improvement

“Growth and success start with enjoying what you do. A great atmosphere really improves the quality of your work. If people feel valued, they can deliver a top performance.
You want to grow not only as a business, but also as a human being. With 5square, we’re in the right place for that. As an investor, 5square is more deeply embedded in the company. They want to know all the ins and outs: how do we tackle things? And if we want to achieve growth, what’s the right order to do things in? This helps us enormously, because we are in a fairly fragmented market. Our growth potential lies in collaboration or the acquisition of smaller parties.

MyMicro Group is a distributor of batteries and components. We have a database in which anonymous parts are labelled in such a way that entering your type of device, such as a laptop or e-bike, will immediately bring up the right part on your screen. Then it will be delivered the next day. The advantage is that your devices last longer. Instead of throwing them away or buying a new one, you can simply replace or repair them. More and more products run on batteries these days and the circular economy is also emerging. We are responding to or even anticipating these macro-developments.

We have the facilities required to play a dominant role in the circular economy: a 2500 m2 distribution centre with 22,000 stock positions. It’s the heart of the company. We are currently processing 1500 to 2000 packages a day. With 5square on board, we can grow to 4500 to 5000 packages and also want to internationalise still further. Our collaboration with 5square feels like team play. We enhance each other’s strengths and get help with the weaknesses that everyone has. As a result, we form a serious team that can achieve these objectives.

The main reason for saying yes to a collaboration with 5square? They keep their promises, every time. That generates a lot of confidence. Together, we are preparing MyMicro Group for the next growth phase.”

Jan van de Ven, Chief Purchasing Officer