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Enterprising investors

Entrepreneurial, reliable, collaborative and impactful. What more could you ask for?

Path 6

We don’t invest in projects. We invest in people.

Our mission is to grow medium-sized companies into great businesses that form the foundation of a strong Dutch economy. Not because we are idealists, but because this is what we are good at, what we enjoy most and what makes the biggest impact.

More than 60% of added value and over 70% of jobs are created by small and medium-sized enterprises. In order for the Dutch economy to grow, it is crucial for these companies to achieve growth. The most successful enterprises are innovative companies that continue to develop on an ongoing basis and create new growth markets. For us, there is no discussion as to what these companies are ultimately about:
Entrepreneurship is the all-important success factor.
Success is something you create together, never alone.

We are therefore pursuing our dream of helping companies to successfully innovate, develop (through a process of continuous transformation) and create new growth phases. Only this will create value within the company and thus for our investors.

And can we make our dream come true? … Indeed we can!

We’ve already experienced it. We know how it feels, the excitement, the enthusiasm. The impetus of new opportunities. The feeling that big changes are just around the corner. The buzz. The adrenaline. The endless list of activities. The stress when things don’t go according to plan. The ups and downs. The difficulties of an uncertain economic climate. The challenges. The solutions. The breakthroughs. The taste of success.

We have set up companies ourselves. Companies must be willing and able to lead; for 17 years now, we have demonstrated that we don’t run away when things get stressful and above all that we can achieve success together with founders, management and existing shareholders.

Given what we are good at and have gained experience in since 2004, it is only logical for us to focus on the growth and transformation market. When choosing the companies in which we invest, it must be possible to create value within the company. No complicated structures, simply growing the company on the basis of a good business plan, with good management and sufficient funds. We mainly invest in companies with the following characteristics:

  • Fast-growing companies and/or mature companies that wish to achieve a transformation
  • Businesses on the verge of major changes
  • Dutch companies with international ambitions or positions
  • Operationally profitable


We make the following types of investments:
Minority and majority interests
Investment range: EUR 5-10 million equity tickets
Co-investments with affiliated parties

In 2004, Remco van den Heuvel and Mark Gitsels – aged 30 and 34 – launched 5square by investing in and managing companies themselves. Not as a fund, but with their own money and at their own risk. The adventure began with Greve shoes. 17 years later, our fifth fund has been active since 2020. We’re a little older and wiser, but still adopt the same approach. Restructuring becomes transformation, smaller companies get bigger, the amounts invested increase. We celebrate successes and learn from mistakes. No longer with just 2 people, but 7 professionals with over 100 years of relevant experience between them. But the most important thing has never changed. What was our gut feeling in 2004 has now become part of our DNA:

Entrepreneurial, reliable, collaborative and always focused on impact.


The 5square team together has over 100 years of experience in entrepreneurship, funding and SMEs.


Over 40 individual investors and industry leaders have invested with us for years.


Since its launch in 2004, 5square has successfully invested in more than 25 companies.