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Een portret van Rutger Nuij Een portret van Rutger Nuij Een portret van Rutger Nuij

Rutger Nuij

Investment Director – since 2015

“I draw energy from the people around me – wonderful, loyal and ambitious people – and the challenges we want to overcome together. We can do that by taking matters into our own hands. We are attackers!

I see my biggest ‘mistakes’ as my most valuable lessons, which I am grateful for and would not have missed for the world. They mean growth. One example: by working for large companies, I found out that their approach doesn’t suit mine. So what does? Having the same agenda and a great deal of pragmatism. That makes it a lot easier to achieve results.

There’s a well-known statement by Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Although I don’t really consider myself a do-gooder, I do feel a shared sense of responsibility for making this place a bit more pleasant for everyone. That’s why I consider it important to treat everyone with kindness.

I like getting up early in the morning so I can have a nice breakfast with my daughter. On a perfect day, I would then take an hour to carefully consider a complex situation. The best outcome? That would be one where everyone wins, of course! Afterwards I would enjoy the outdoors with genuine, warm and open people. I’d slap on the sunscreen, because on a perfect day the sun would shine on the Italian slopes. And we would end the day with a glass or two of good wine.